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BCD Electro is an electrical and electronic waste management company authorized by the Community of Madrid to carry out preparation for reuse.

We certify your company that our recycling process is carried out in an integral way following the current regulations of Real Decreto 110/2015 .

Recycle Reuse Recover

Integral process: from pick up to reuse.

At BCD Electro we carry out the logistics of electronic devices and the recycling of computer equipment tailored to your company and your needs. We are a leading company in the reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), being able to offer in most cases, the pick up service free of charge, of your discarded computer equipment and even the repurchase of those electronic devices that are replaced and not obsolete.

We take care of the whole process related to the logistics, including notification to the Community of Madrid. We prepare and pick up the equipment from the customer’s facility with authorized vehicles according to the provisions of article 25 of Law 22/2011, of July 28 and Real Decreto 180/2015, of March 13, which regulates the transportation of electronic waste within the territory of the Country of Spain. We certify the data erasure and the recycling of all electronic material received, identifying the type of WEEE with its LER-WEEE code, weight, serial number and all the necessary data according to Real Decreto 110/2015, of February 20, on waste of electrical and electronic devices.

Once we confirm the information related to the recycling process, we proceed to prepare for the reuse of all devices, in order to offer them to companies and individuals at a reduced price, through the website

When your company decides to dispose of the equipment, BCD Electro is in charge of the integral process, helping you to comply with current legislation on WEEE, and minimizing costs for your company and for the environment.

Recogida de material

Material Pick Up

Reciclaje y reutilización

Recycle and Reuse

Clasificacion de componentes

Classification of Components

Certificado medioambiental

Environmental Certification

All HDD Data Destruction

Secure data erasure

BCD Electro offers data erasure of the magnetic media included in computer equipment for recycling and in the purchase of second-hand computers from companies.

We certify the destruction of data in accordance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), proceeding according to protocol DoD 5220.22-M. Once the magnetic supports have been treated, we guarantee the definitive and safe elimination of all the data, as established by the LOPD.

We provide the client with a certificate of data destruction including the report that identifies the serial number of each hard disk received with the serial number of the computer equipment from which it was extracted. Disks whose complete erasure is not possible due to mechanical failure, bad sectors, or any other circumstance are destroyed by physical means.

BCD Electro certifies with each pick up, the complete destruction of data of your computer equipment which allows you to comply with the LOPD and have a written certificate.

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Economía circular BCD Electro - Residuos Electrónicos

Circular Economy

We prioritize reuse as the most effective method to avoid the proliferation of electronic waste. We recycle desktop computers, laptops, televisions, servers, telephone systems and CCTV or video surveillance, etc. If the complete recovery of the electronic equipment is not possible, we identify the functional components to sell them as second-hand computer components.

We offer our clients the possibility of accelerating the technological renewal by evaluating and buying their used computers, reducing the redemption times of the computer equipment.

Recycling the company’s obsolete computers is not simply a good gesture towards the environment: it is an act of responsibility.

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Presence throughout Spain

Icono de edificio

More than 30 years of experience

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Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

Authorized waste manager for electrical and electronic equipment

BCD Electro Technology Recycling, S.L. is a authorized company by the Community of Madrid to carry out sorting, dismantling and preparation for reuse operations of electrical and electronic equipment waste with authorization number 13G01A1300014079Y for hazardous waste and 13G04A1400014080D for non-hazardous waste.

We guarantee and certify the correct management and treatment of electronic waste to companies, taking care of the whole process prior to the pick up, preparation and classification by type of on-site WEEE, at the clients facilities, to avoid breakages in transportation, that makes it difficult to prepare for reuse. We make note of serial numbers, weights, LER-WEEE codes of each equipment received, and we conclude the process with the issuance of a reuse certificate as needed for audits, that the correct management of computer waste has been performed. We will also provide you with the hard drive erase certificate.

Working with BCD Electro implies that all processes have the pertinent legal authorizations and that your company complies with the LOPD and the current legislation of RAEEs.

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We recycle electric and electronic waste

If you want more information about who we are and what we do, please download our informative brochure.