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Mobile Phone Recycling

BCD Electro is an authorized waste manager who offers logistics and recycling services for mobile phones. We carry out environmental documentation in accordance with current law. Documentation required for ISO 9001 and 14001 audits.

Correct Recycling has become a priority

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our environment. Smartphones are used on a daily basis and are upgraded even more frequently than computers. They suffer breakdowns and screen breaks, as well as hits, due to falls and fragility of the devices. When we decide to dispose of them, they become a Waste of Electrical and Electronic Devices (WEEE) and must be recycled in accordance with Real Decreto 110/2015, of February 20th. It is for this reason that the recycling of mobile phones must be performed by authorized companies. BCD Electro has all the necessary authorizations, both for pick ups, logistics and for the preparation of mobile phones considered obsolete for reuse.

Correct recycling of old mobile phones, has become an environmental priority

At BCD Electro we take care of logistics, management, repair and reuse of any type of smartphones. It doesn’t matter if the phone has stopped working, is broken, or disposed of due to obsolescence. BCD Electro manages the entire process of recycling. This includes notification to the Community of Madrid prior to pick up, its removal, certified transport with Identification Document (ID), management, preparation for reuse, and issuance of the corresponding reuse certificate. The data that mobile phones may contain, should be completely destroyed, eliminating any possible record of them. BCD Electro certifies this destruction individually, indicating the IMEI of each terminal recovered and / or destroyed.

The entire recycling process of mobile phones, is certified in accordance with current legislation. e

Reuse as a means to avoid electronic waste

Recycling mobile phones through reuse avoids a lot of electronic waste, and most old cell phones can be renewed and will be reconditioned. We will repair the damaged ones with parts from other phones, so they become functional again. The rest that cannot be used in any way, will be disassembled to reuse their components as parts (screen, plate, battery, buttons, case, etc.). Finally, parts that are no longer repairable or reusable, will be classified and matched to be delivered to authorized companies for recovery of raw materials.

Once the mobile recycling process is finished, no waste have been generated.

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