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Authorized WEEE Waste Manager

We are waste managers and transporters authorized by the Madrid community


Evaluation form

Either remotely or on site , we will appraise the computers and / or electronic material to be removed. After an exhaustive review, we will confirm the economic proposal of your computer and electronics material.

Material pick up

Upon agreement with the appraisal of the inventory, we will pick up the electronic material for recycling directly from your facilities.

Classification of components

Once collected, we process all at our facilities in Valdemoro (Madrid). There we proceed to weighing, noting serial numbers, separation and classification by components REcyclable or REusable according to regulations. After agreement on our offer, we will generate a “Reuse Certificate”

Certified data destruction

In case of hard drive recycling or components which contain data, we proceed to the certified destruction of data avoiding if possible, the physical destruction of the hard drives.  We issue a “Certificate of Data Destruction” that will relate serial number of the hard drive and the serial number of the equipment from which it was extracted.

Recycling and Reuse

To finish the process, we send the client via email all the certifications described, all reusable materials go up for sale on our website then we classify the Recyclable materials in order to expedite the recovery of raw materials.

Environmental Certificate

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will proceed to certify all the equipment received with a “Certification of Reuse” which will include all the necessary information according to Real Decreto 110/2015 concerning Electrical and Electronic Waste (WEEE)

These are the WEEE we recycle

BCD Electro recycle all types of waste from electronic equipment, Cell phones, old TV’s, computers and more. If you need more information about the recycling process, please Contact us.

Recycling of Computers

 Recycling of Telephones

 Recycling of Cameras

Recycling of Monitors

 Recycling of Telecom Equipments

 Recycling of Desk Computers

 Recycling of Electronic Components

 Recycling of Televisions

 Recycling of Servers 

 Recycling of LED’s

If you want more information about who we are and what we do, please download our informative brochure.